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  • In business over 4 decades
  • Expert, uniformed technicians with an average of over 19 years of experience
  • All of our technicians are certified by an HVAC exclusive program, NATE (North American Technician Excellence) to ensure proper knowledge and a model skillset
  • Trucks are always clean and fully-stocked… around the clock!
  • Phones answered 24/7/365 with same-day service for New Port Richey
  • Since 1975, we’ve installed and replaced tens of thousands of A/C systems
  • Over 60,000 repeat customers



But you don’t have to just take our word for it…



  • Winner of the highly-coveted, Carrier President’s Award
  • Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner, 2 years in a row
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Over 1,000 verified reviews and counting on Nearby Now with an average rating of 4.9
  • Nationally acclaimed customer service; scoring 9.9 out of 10

The Carrier President’s Award is highly-coveted among Carrier dealers.  Only a select few winners are hand-picked each year as all aspects of the business are heavily scrutinized.


If named a Carrier President’s Award Winner, rest assured the company is truly among the best in the country.


While under 5% of thousands of businesses meet the strict requirements to win the Angie's List Super Service Award, Bay Area Air Conditioning has won this fantastic recognition 2 years in a row!


Rest assured that this is a Grade A team of AC repair and air conditioning installation experts and the best choice in the New Port Richey area!



2X winner of the Angie's List Super Service Award
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Nationally recognized factory authorized Carrier Dealer
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Highlights about the Carrier President’s Award and Angie's List Super Service Award…



2X winner of the Angie's List Super Service Award
Nationally recognized Carrier Air Conditioning Installation team
Nationally recognized Carrier Air Conditioning Installation team
First dealer inducted into the Carrier Hall of Fame

Family Owned - 40 Years!​


Systems and installation are now starting at just $62 per month or choose ZERO INTEREST EZ-Pay, allowing you to pay-as-you-go for the installation with the energy savings your heat pump will provide.


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*100% Satisfaction 365-Day Guarantee

All Installations, Repairs, and Maintenance 


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Sally from New Port Richey, FL


Reliable service from an outstanding company!

Glen was polite, efficient and helpful. He arrived on time and left everything working perfectly.


Mecklenburg from New Port Richey, FL




Billy from New Port Richey, FL


We have used Bay Area for many years. They have always been great!

SunnyFlorida from Port Richey, FL


Always great customer service and overall service. I would not have any other service for my A/C unit other than Bay Area Air Conditioning

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With an average of 19 years of experience in the industry and NATE H.V.A.C. certification for all technicians, our installers have the most experience in the Spring Hill area.​

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Right now is the best time to save on new or replacement Air Conditioning systems. During the winter and into the spring, prices are low and our availability is high. Contact our team today for a FREE quote and exclusive savings.​​

We can’t emphasize enough how critical it is to have knowledgeable, experienced professionals to complete an install.  Even the tiniest mistake during installation can make a giant impact on future operational costs (30% or more!).


This can hurt your wallet tremendously over the lifetime of ownership. We’d like to emphasize that word, a lifetime of ownership. A new install or replacement can present the opportunity to save over a lifetime (if you choose the right company). 


How would a customer know if the installer adequately removed moisture from the refrigerant lines? How would the customer know if plenums were sealed the right way and static pressure calculations set to the exact specification?


Even if you think your New Port Richey air conditioner is running well, it may not be. A lot goes into understanding if it’s running to the best of its potential.


Completing a proper install or replacement- is so much more than that, it is a science… and we offer honorable, NATE-Certified technicians with decades of experience. 

Now, Enjoy Huge Savings with a New Port Richey Air Conditioner Installation … During the Big A/C Event!




  • 3 year EZ-Pay zero interest financing available
  • Total discounts and incentives up to $1300
  • Off-season savings (LOWEST pricing of the year)
  • 10 year warranty on America’s most popular brand, Carrier
  • Utility incentives up to $800 on qualified systems
  • 1 year RISK- FREE test drive or your money back
  • “Leave no trace” cleanup promise

Right now, get our best deals and lowest prices of the year during The Big A/C Event going on right now.

Let our New Port Richey Air Conditioner professionals handle your installation and try out the system for 1 full year- 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


We value our customers and are so confident in our ability to be the best choice...that we offer a 100% RISK-FREE guarantee.


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Don’t Flush Thousands of Dollars of Hard-Earned Money Down the Drain…

Don’t Flush Thousands of Dollars of Hard-Earned Money Down the Drain…

2X winner of the Angie's List Super Service Award
Nationally recognized Carrier Air Conditioning Installation team

Get the Excellent Service, Low Price, and Quality Installation You’re Promised – GUARANTEED. 

Invest in your Comfort and Save on your Future A/C Bills RISK-FREE Today... While this Offer Lasts!​​


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2X winner of the Angie's List Super Service Award
Nationally recognized Carrier Air Conditioning Installation team


AC Heat Pump Systems


Do you know what the most important thing is for a New Port Richey air conditioning installation contractor? It isn’t tools, or courtesy, or salesmanship. It’s experience, and what you do with that experience. I suppose you could call it wisdom. It comes from a combination of training and time spent on the job, and requires a repairman to keep his eyes, ears, and mind open.


There is no panacea, no all-purpose HVAC solution – there is no system that will work in every home. That’s why you don’t get a written, itemized estimate until the AC company has seen your home and done some calculations.


Our wisdom does, however, give us a little insight. It does let us know when something is going to be a great starting point for an individual conversation. In New Port Richey – and the rest of Florida – the technology that fits that description is a heat pump.



Why would someone from Florida need something called a heat pump?


Actually, heat pump is a pretty misleading name. A heat pump is an extraordinarily versatile appliance, replacing your central air conditioner and your traditional oil, gas, or electric heating methods. It’s the closest thing to a one-size-fits-all device out there. New Port Richey residents experience comparatively mild winters.


Thus, gas furnaces are needlessly expensive to install, maintain and operate when one device could replace it and still keep you cool in the summer. Heat pumps are finding their way into more and more residential homes as people gain a better understanding of what these cooling systems can offer, namely efficiency, streamlined use of space, and a greater degree of home comfort.




How does a heat pump work?


When you understand how the technology works, the name makes a little more sense. Heat pump systems change the temperature in your home – literally by pumping heat. In the summertime, they gather warm air from inside your home and pump it out, cooling the interior. In the wintertime, they gather warmth from outside and pump it into your ducts.


That’s part of the reason this type of heating and cooling system uses comparatively little electricity, especially compared to straight air conditioners with electric heat. It is much simpler – and less energy-intensive – to move heat than it is to generate it.


With a heat pump, you could use as little as half the electricity of your average central AC unit. Also, you get to bypass the use of gas or fossil fuels entirely, meaning you can take advantage of the generally lower rates of electricity. A heat pump looks almost exactly like your central air conditioner – an outdoor condenser AC unit, and an indoor coil and blower assembly.


If you already have ducts in place from an older system, upgrading to a heat pump requires few changes (although we do recommend having your ductwork inspected for leaks and insulation issues during the installation phase) to install.




Is a heat pump right for your home?


We can’t make that decision for you, but we can advise you. Homes are not created equal, and it is possible that there are things about your home or lifestyle that would encourage leaving your existing HVAC system in place. A super-efficient air conditioning system needn’t be replaced, of course.


However, if you’re ready for change, for any reason – age, disrepair, tax incentives – there has never been a better or easier time to upgrade to a high efficiency heat pump system. We’ll talk more about those somewhere down the line in our blog.


Call us and ask about heat pump systems today.




Carrier AC Systems

It’s not a secret that we’re big supporters of Carrier Air Conditioning installation. We wear our Hall of Fame badge proudly on our websites, and we have been recognized nationally as one of the most experienced and decorated Carrier factory authorized dealers out there.


Our certified technicians serve New Port Richey and Florida residents with distinction. Our association with the Carrier AC name has been a part of our company for over four decades. And it’s not a fluke.


Our installation team works hard to be the very best. We are ready and willing to work on central air conditioners and heat pump systems manufactured by almost anyone, but we do recognize that Carrier is a cut above the pack in quality. Few manufacturers have their pedigree, and fewer still have their expertise.


To really understand that, you’ll need a (very) brief history of the Carrier name.




A Brief History of Air Conditioning


Willis Carrier, 1902. A young Cornell alumnus with a job as an engineer gets asked to solve a unique problem: a printing company can’t work in the heat. Their inks run, huge projects are getting held up, deadlines are being missed, and nobody is happy. Carrier has an epiphany that is best left unexplained here for the sake of brevity.


He submits designs for an Air Treatment Apparatus – the first real, modern air conditioner. In 1915, after his company goes to focus on other projects, he invests his entire life savings into starting the air conditioning company that bears his name to this day.


Carrier passed away in 1950, having already turned his company into a juggernaut. He owns 80-odd patents at the time of his death, and the company continues on without him. At that time, most air conditioners were enormous, and installed primarily in theatres, office buildings, and big commercial structures.


Not long after his death, the Carrier company cracked the secret for making smaller, more affordable systems, and suddenly normal, everyday folks are able to afford Carrier central air conditioning units.


That little bit of technology caused a population boom in the South and Southwest, by the way. Including Florida.


Since then, Carrier Air Conditioning has consistently been at the forefront of the industry. There is never a day where their employees aren’t working hard to innovate, and so a Carrier system is always a safe bet. With 102 years (at the time of this writing) under their belt, it’s no wonder they’ve gotten pretty good at this.


We enjoy Carrier AC products because they need less work, and because when they do need work, our installation and repair technicians know them so well that the work is simple – so you save time and money, and everyone wins.




When is a good time to switch to a Carrier heat pump or air conditioner?


If you’ve got a relatively new AC system that you’re happy with, we’ll tell you to hang in there with it and be happy. If, however, you are due for an upgrade, or your system is costing you more money than you’d like, get in touch. Carrier AC installation prices are usually very competitive – and they just so happen to make the most efficient Inverter driven air conditioner on the market today, the Infinity 21.


There are incentives and financing options available to upgrade your residential home to a more efficient system. With Carrier’s flagship model boasting a remarkable SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating of 21, you’ll find that cooling system paying for itself in short order. You’ll have lower energy costs, lower operating costs, and your home will be cooler, less humid, and more comfortable than you’ve ever experienced.


Let us know if you want more information about Carrier AC systems! We’re always here for you.


New Port Richey AC Installation Articles


This is the era of DIY, and we know that. We’re all for it, when it’s safe. To that end, we’ve been compiling articles to answer some of your most common HVAC questions. We’re aiming to be informative, relevant, and open with you. Our customers call us with concerns frequently; and where other companies might use that to pressure someone into a sales call, we believe in honesty over greed here.


You don’t have to subscribe to read the blog. You don’t have to pay for anything. You don’t have to hire us, even. We hope that you find useful information contained in every one of these articles, and if you find that you have a question we haven’t addressed, we encourage you to reach out and tell us.


The first thing the average handy homeowner does when they run into an HVAC problem is Google it. We completely understand that most of the time, you’re hoping it’s a simple fix or something you’ve overlooked. If it’s something that can be safely fixed without professional aid, we’ll do our best to talk you through the process.


If attempting a repair on your own would be unsafe, we’re going to tell you that, too. After all, air conditioners and heat pumps run on very high voltages, and the last thing we want is for one of our treasured New Port Richey neighbors to get hurt. Some questions you might find answered in our blog are:



















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