Carrier AC and Heat Pump Installation – Does Over a Century of Experience Really Matter?




In 1915, Willis Havilland Carrier – who only a few years before had turned the world upside down with his invention of the first modern air conditioner – launched a Corporation in his own name. Now, over a century later, they remain a trusted brand, with a name that has become synonymous with HVAC and air conditioning in the way that Kleenex, Thermos, Dumpster, and Xerox have become giants within their own industries. To buy a Carrier heat pump or AC unit here in New Port Richey, some would say, is to buy the Cadillac of HVAC systems.


Part of the company’s recipe for success, over the years, has been a commitment to service and quality. Any smart businessman will tell you that a bad product, bad reviews, or bad customer service can end a company before it’s gotten off the ground. It can also tank a company that sits at the top of their game. Carrier has remained vigilant, keeping a 24-hour customer service line and maintaining strong relationships with dealers and service contractors.


Carrier doesn’t just do air conditioning installation; they also create some of the most efficient and well-designed heat pump systems available. We definitely recommend Carrier systems for a good balance of prices, performance, and customer service.


If you aren’t committed to a heat pump system, speak to a New port Richey air conditioning installation professional. No matter the climate you live in, they are a viable option. Heat pumps are probably poorly named devices – they should, by rights, be called heat-cool-dehumidify pumps, but that doesn’t really have the same ring to it, right?


So we call them heat pumps, because by pumping heat both in and out of your home, they get your interior to the desired temperature, and they suck out humidity the whole time. That ability to flip functions is invaluable, and even if you’re in a colder climate where a heat pump won’t quite get the job done, you can use one in conjunction with oil or gas heat to help keep your energy bills low.


Carrier AC and heat pumps come with the highest SEER/ISPF efficiency ratings in the industry, at prices that are more than reasonable. Reviews from homeowners and installation experts are astoundingly positive. You should also consider that when you’re buying a Carrier heat pump, you’re buying a little piece of the Carrier reputation.


After a century, they have not gotten complacent. That reputation matters to them, and you get peace of mind knowing that Carrier will go to great lengths to ensure that your New Port Richey air conditioning installation works as advertised and keeps you comfortable for many years. 


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