New Port Richey Heat Pump System – Is Higher Efficiency Worth the Extra Cost? 




 We could have called this article “The HVAC Long Game” or “The Benefits of Future Proofing in Home HVAC” and it would have been pretty close to the truth. While we don’t want to dismiss standard HVAC systems out of hand, there is a definite feeling in the industry that higher-efficiency systems are important. If you’re considering a heat pump or HVAC system upgrade for your home, you’ll have a lot to consider, and the initial price tag is not the only one that matters.


Two primary things affect the price of your system: SEER rating and single-stage versus two-stage. Let’s explain those a bit before we talk about the benefits.


What is a SEER rating, and why is everyone bringing it up?

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and it’s a shorthand way of understanding arguably the most important thing about your entire HVAC system – how efficiently it runs. It’s calculated using two factors: how well it can cool the air, and how much electricity it uses to achieve that. The in-demand systems can use less electricity to cool more air. That’s efficiency in a nutshell.


So why go for a higher SEER rating if it costs more?

Here in the warm New Port Richey climate, you’ll save more in the long run. Would you rather pay a little extra now to get a more efficient system, or would you rather spend 20 years or more paying higher energy bills because you wanted to save money during the installation phase? There are reasons to choose a single-stage system, but a two-stage system is definitely going to be more cost-effective over time.


What is the difference between a single stage HVAC system and a two-stage one?


This has to do with the compressor inside the unit. We won’t get technical with you, but the upshot is this: a single stage unit, when it is running, is running full speed ahead. It cools (or heats, when in heat pump mode) at maximum capacity. A two-stage HVAC system can operate in a middle ground, using about two-thirds of its power to cool or heat, rather than the full amount.


How does operating on less than full power help me?

By operating at less than peak power, a two-stage HVAC system can actually dehumidify up to 4X as much air as a single-stage system, and we all know that humidity is a major factor in comfort in area’s like New Port Richey. Furthermore, a two-stage system comes with far great energy efficiency than a single-stage heat pump or AC of similar size. This translates, as we’ve stated, to lower energy bills for you, for the entire life of your system.


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